Rodent Control

miceWerner Pest & Odor Control will evaluate your present situation and determine which corrective measures are best suited to fit your needs. Some situations can be corrected but others may require a more structured control program.

Rodent Proofing

Rodent proofing is available to clients where it is more feasible to perform structural repairs as opposed to performing an ongoing control program. by performing repairs we are solving your infestation rather than prolonging it.

Bat Control

big_brown_batBats are a protected species, therefore requiring esclusion. Exclusion is achieved by performing a thorough inspection of the premises to determine the severity of the situation, to locate potential entrance points, and to structure a corrective program.

Insect Control

In order to control various insect pests, it is important to know and understand the species in question. Understanding the problem species, results in getting to the root of the problem at a much faster pace using fewer pesticides. As with all species, it is necessary to determine their needs and habitat for survival. Then we are able to concentrate our effort in these directions,

Woodpecker Damage

woodpeckerProblems with woodpeckers can be corrected by determining just why they are performing damage to start with. Based on the knowledge of why they are there, the current season, and the conditions of the area, it is possible to repel pesky woodpeckers.

Bird Control

Control of pest birds is abailable by habitat modification. Werner Pest & Odor Control chooses not to use any chemical control measures, which may endanger bird species.

Mal-Odor Control

Werner Pest & Odor Control performs corrective measures for various offensive odors. Odor Control is performed by first determining the source, type, and cause of the mal-odor. Once these have been determined a corrective program is established and reviewed with the perspective client. The materials used in odor removal services are organic and biodegradable.

Wildlife Control

Werner Pest & Odor Control also offers animal control services, which is performed by trapping and relocation nuisance animals. We also offer structural repairs and/or habitat modification as needed to prevent re-infestation.