Rodent Proofing

Many people discover they may have mice in their house by being awaken during the night to noise in ceilings or walls.  Others find evidence that mice have been eating food in the pantry or cupboards.  Some people may find evidence of mouse droppings as proof mice are living in their house.

Often when people discover mice in their home they want them out as soon as possible.  And why wouldn’t you.  Mice like to make their home near their food source because they prefer to eat 15 to 20 times per day.  A female mouse can give birth at 2 months old and can have babies 6 to 10 times per year.   They are dirty and gross and can even carry disease.

How do mice get in to our homes?  They chew, climb, and find the smallest spot to get in from the outside.  Mice can fit into an opening 3/8 of an inch or larger.   Often times we see mice getting in thru AC lines, brick molds, vinyl corners, valley tins on roofs, and many more places.  Once they are able to get in they make their way thru ceilings and walls into basements and eventually into living quarters.

How do we get rid of the mice?  Our team of technicians, at Werner Pest and Odor Control, provide the service of rodent proofing homes.  Upon inspection of your home one of our technicians will determine how the mice are entering your home and find any potential areas the mice could enter.  By inspecting the home Werner Pest & Odor Control is able to offer you an accurate quote to rodent proof your home.  Each home and situation is different and the cost to rodent proof is based on time and materials.

Once the quote is provided and the homeowner decides to have the rodent proofing done the technicians at Werner Pest & Odor Control will begin the repairs to the home.  We will close all access points and all potential access points the mice may use.  We start at one corner of your house and work all the way around the house checking everything from foundation to the roof.  Once the house is sealed we will place rodent stations in your house to eliminate any mice that may have been caught in your home.  We monitor these stations by providing a rodent recheck approximately 2 – 3 weeks after the initial work is completed.  A second recheck is done approximately 2 – 3 weeks after the first recheck.  At this time no mice activity should be found we remove the stations from your home.   Werner Pest & Odor Control provides a two year written warranty on our rodent proofing work.

If you think you may have mice in your home call Werner Pest & Odor Control today to schedule an inspection with one of our technicians.