Mice Mice Mice…

We are having a very high volume of mice calls right now. Many people are finding them in their homes or businesses. We are also getting calls from farms that are experiencing a very high population of mice. With the cold weather approaching the little pests are trying to find a nice place with a food supply to hold up for the winter.

One of the main questions we get asked is how are they getting in? They chew, climb, and find the smallest spot to get in from the outside. Mice can fit into an opening 3/8 of an inch or larger. Often times we see mice getting in thru AC lines, brick molds, vinyl corners, valley tins on roofs, and many more places. Once they are able to get in they make their way thru ceilings and walls into basements and eventually into living quarters.

One area we are finding them getting is thru the ridge vent on roofs. We are commonly finding ridge vents are peeling up because of a combination of poor product and poor installation. We find that the nails used are not long enough therefore the vent peels back up. It is a flat product that is placed on a steep pitched roof, so it naturally wants to peel back up. When it peels up it allows bats, mice and other pests to enter into the house in the attic. To properly fix this problem we need to tear off the current ridge vent. ΒΌ inch hardware cloth/screening is put down using roofing nails. Then the roof vent is installed using ring shank nails, and the new cap shingles (to match your roof) are installed.

What else can we do to get them out of your home. The technicians at Werner Pest & Odor Control will close all access points and all potential access points the mice may use. We start at one corner of your house and work all the way around the house checking everything from foundation to the roof. Once the house is sealed we will place rodent stations in your house to eliminate any mice that may have been caught in your home. We monitor these stations by providing a rodent recheck approximately 2 – 3 weeks after the initial work is completed. A second recheck is done approximately 2 – 3 weeks after the first recheck. At this time no mice activity should be found we remove the stations from your home. Werner Pest & Odor Control provides a two year written warranty on our rodent proofing work.

If you think you may have mice in your home call Werner Pest & Odor Control today to schedule an inspection with one of our technicians.


With spring on its way we begin to see life around us. Squirrels and chipmunks begin finding their way around neighborhoods again. Skunks wake up from hibernation and begin searching for food to replenish them from the long winter. Raccoons and opossums venture out and investigate their surroundings. Woodchucks and rabbits love eating the fresh spring grass. Muskrats find themselves with plenty of water to enjoy and make their homes in. And birds return north, some with their mates and others looking for new mates.

Also with spring and the return of wildlife animals comes baby season. Adults may act goofy looking for mates, others may scurry around beginning to nest, and after giving birth mothers may become protective of their young. At some point you may find yourself with an unexpected visitor in or around your home. Some of these visitors may choose to stick around and raise their young even though they are uninvited. Some may be a pleasant surprise and although uninvited you may just feel okay letting them stick around.

Often times wildlife animals may become a nuisance to homeowners. Situations may arise where children or a family pet may be harmed or put in harms way. Damage to homes, yards, and outbuildings may occur as mothers look for the perfect place to raise their young. Noise from uninvited guests may result in lack of sleep. And there is always the unwelcome smell of a skunk. Some homeowners may feel there is a health risk that they may be exposed to. And to some homeowners the thought of one visitor may be okay but a whole family may be just a bit too much.

Often times we are able to help move those uninvited guests along by live trapping and relocating them. In spring live trapping can be a bit tricky though because you have to be aware of the animal you are trapping, their breeding cycles, gestation periods, and their habits, to prevent trapping a mother who may already have babies. Also mothers who already have babies can become aggressive. Sometimes babies may be old enough to live on their own but this may result in additional trapping to catch the whole family. Some homeowners may choose to wait because a family may move on when the time is right all on their own.

If you find that you have discovered an uninvited guest in or around you home this spring and would like to remove them from your home Werner Pest & Odor Control Services offers live trapping service. We would evaluate your situation and place traps appropriately to catch the animals. Once caught we would relocate them allowing you to live nuisance free.